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1. China Moon

  • Genres: Mystery, Thriller
  • Popularity: 7.503
  • Vote Count: 36
  • Rating:
China Moon

Detective Kyle Bodine falls for Rachel Munro who is trapped in a violent marriage. After shooting her husband, Kyle relucantly agrees to help hide the body, but Kyle's partner is showing an unusual flair for finding clues.

2. Big Trouble in Little China

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Popularity: 13.646
  • Vote Count: 1079
  • Rating:
Big Trouble in Little China

When trucker, Jack Burton agreed to take his friend, Wang Chi to pick up his fiancee at the airport, he never expected to get involved in a supernatural battle between good and evil. Wang's fiancee has emerald green eyes, which make her a perfect target for immortal sorcerer, Lo Pan and his three invincible cronies. Lo Pan must marry a girl with green eyes so he can regain his physical form.

3. China Town

  • Genres: Action, Comedy
  • Popularity: 3.07
  • Vote Count: 5
  • Rating:
China Town

Three childhood friends Mathukutty (Mohanlal), Binoy (Dileep) and Zachariah (Jayaram) re-unite in Goa to fight a Casino don who was responsible for the deaths of their fathers.

4. The China Syndrome

  • Genres: Thriller, Drama
  • Popularity: 7.575
  • Vote Count: 143
  • Rating:
The China Syndrome

While doing a series of reports on alternative energy sources, opportunistic reporter Kimberly Wells witnesses an accident at a nuclear power plant. Wells is determined to publicize the incident, but soon finds herself entangled in a sinister conspiracy to keep the full impact of the incident a secret.

5. China Salesman

  • Genres: Thriller, Action
  • Popularity: 12.526
  • Vote Count: 8
  • Rating:
China Salesman

Yan Jian, a young Chinese IT engineer who volunteers to go to North Africa and help the company he works for to win a competition. The winner can own the right to control the communication between south and north. French spy Michael works for the West. His boss ordered him to go to the North Africa and win the competition, and they can control the great mineral resources of Africa. He hired the best mercenary in Africa whose name is Lauder and a former general Kabbah to help him. Yan has discovered their conspiracy, he is the only one who can stop them.

6. Born in China

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 5.863
  • Vote Count: 60
  • Rating:
Born in China

Venturing into the wilds of China, "Born in China" captures intimate moments with a panda bear and her growing cub, a young golden monkey who feels displaced by his baby sister, and a mother snow leopard struggling to raise her two cubs.

7. China

  • Genres: Drama, War
  • Popularity: 1.121
  • Vote Count: 1
  • Rating:

Shortly before Pearl Harbor, American opportunist Jones and partner Johnny are in China to sell oil to the invading Japanese army. Cynical about the sufferings of the Chinese, Jones meets compassionate teacher Carolyn Grant while travelling cross-country to Shanghai. Sparks fly between these strong-willed characters, neither budging an inch. But when Jones witnesses a Japanese atrocity, his feelings toward his customers (and Carolyn) begin to change...

8. China Blue

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 2.523
  • Vote Count: 6
  • Rating:
China Blue

"China Blue" is an engrossing documentary that tells the story of 3 teenage girls who leave their rural homes in China to come work for a factory that makes blue jeans.

9. Whores from China

  • Genres: Drama
  • Popularity: 2.953
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Whores from China

The story is about Ying, a girl from Beijing who comes to Hong Kong to find work and stay with her wealthy uncle. She is played by the stunningly beautiful Isabella Chow, whose charms easily carry this picture

10. Crimes of Passion

  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller
  • Popularity: 6.692
  • Vote Count: 51
  • Rating:
Crimes of Passion

Joanna Crane lives a double life. During the day she works as fashion designer but during the night she is the high class prostitute China Blue. As she is accused for industrial spying, Bobby Grady is hired to shadow her. However, they fall in love. Meanwhile a psychopathic preacher starts stalking her.

11. China White

  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
  • Popularity: 1.55
  • Vote Count: 4
  • Rating:
China White

In Amsterdam - in the time before the legalisation of some drugs and the following growth of competition on the market - takes place a war between the Italian and Chinese mafia because of the control of the heroin market.

12. The China Hustle

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 3.439
  • Vote Count: 19
  • Rating:
The China Hustle

An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you've never heard of.

14. China Girl

  • Genres: Romance, Crime, Drama
  • Popularity: 1.773
  • Vote Count: 13
  • Rating:
China Girl

Teenage lovers Tony (Richard Panebianco) and Tyan-Hwa (Sari Chang) tip the balance of power in New York's Little Italy and Chinatown.

15. Mai Lin Vs. Serena

  • Genres: Unknown
  • Popularity: 1.34
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Mai Lin Vs. Serena

Superstars Mai Lin and Serena enter a sexual battle while vying for the starring role in Carlos Tobalina’s next film.

16. Digging to China

  • Genres: Drama
  • Popularity: 2.564
  • Vote Count: 15
  • Rating:
Digging to China

Harriet, a ten-year old girl, lives together with her big sister and her alcoholic mother out in the countryside. The family runs a motel. Harriet is different from the others, as she owns a great creativity and has nobody to play with. Her infinite world exists only in her mind. One day, Ricky comes along. He is a grown-up, but retarded son of an elderly lady. Soon, Harriet and Ricky share their experiences of life from a different point of view and become close friends. But his mother still plans to give Ricky away into professional care in a home, because she won't live forever to be there for him

17. China

  • Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller
  • Popularity: 0.6
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:

China is an upcoming Tamil drama film written and directed by Harshavardhana and produced by Arjun Sablok.

18. China O'Brien II

  • Genres: Action
  • Popularity: 1.96
  • Vote Count: 12
  • Rating:
China O'Brien II

This time China O'Brien has trouble with a dealer who puts a prize on her head because she had spoiled an important drug deal of his. But all the world's criminals will not be enough to catch up with China O'Brian, one of the masters of the martial arts.

19. Once Upon a Time in China

  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Popularity: 8.077
  • Vote Count: 136
  • Rating:
Once Upon a Time in China

Set in late 19th century Canton this martial arts film depicts the stance taken by the legendary martial arts hero Wong Fei-Hung (1847-1924) against foreign forces' (English, French and American) plundering of China.

20. High Road to China

  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, History
  • Popularity: 2.239
  • Vote Count: 34
  • Rating:
High Road to China

A biplane pilot is saddled with a spoiled industrialist's daughter on a search for her missing father through Asia that eventually involves them in a struggle against a Chinese warlord.